Some Things are Better Left As Is

In the past, I haven’t been very vocal as it deals with certain issues. Maybe it’s because I’ve been afraid of hurting someone’s feelings or maybe I’ve just been......afraid.  It may have been because I didn’t want someone to be upset with me or view me as a crass, judgmental individual incapable of embracing the views of others.  But I am also an individual with feelings. I have the right to certain viewpoints and perspectives, and I should be able to express that right without reprisal.  The idea that I can stand up for what I have read, studied, and believe to be is right is what identifies me for who I am.  We spend a lot of time being concerned with who may or may not like what we say or what we do.  But the true test of who sincerely accepts us for who we are is whether or not we can stand staunchly on what we believe and hold true to who we are without fear of being ostracized. 

We hear thousands of individuals vehemently say, “We have rights!," to convey the message that they need to be acknowledged and respected, but the same individuals don’t mind critically denying others access to those rights.  Herein lies an area of grave contradiction and double standard.  In recent years, we have entered into a situation where civil rights have been compared to individuals and circumstances that may not necessarily align in principle.  Race relations have been compared to the right to decide one’s sexual orientation and gender equality compared to equality as it concerns gender identity.  And now, it has come to full realization through what is known as the Equality Act.  It can widely be accepted that those of a certain race did not choose that race.  And those of certain genders were unable to choose those genders.  Black people did not choose to be born Black, those of other races did not openly choose their race upon conception, and none of us chose (or choose) our sex at birth.  This is where we trust that our Creator knew what He was doing when He issued out chromosomes and DNA.  But, what we do to our bodies, who we choose to have relations with, and who we choose to be attracted to are all conscious decisions that we make of our own accord.  Hence, how we can be attracted to someone one day and then change the target of that attraction the next.  If these were not choices, what makes us identify 60 year old men as predators when they find themselves attracted to 14 year old girls?  (That is a rhetorical question used to illustrate a point. Please know that I do not in any way condone this egregious, vile behavior). 

Just to clear the air...... 

No true follower of Christ or decent person wants to see gay or transgender people threatened in any way.  And acts like the nightclub shooting in Orlando should be considered extremely heinous acts, especially by the believer.  BUT many Christians (and those of other faiths) have deep, faith-based convictions about marriage and sexual identity.  We believe, according to Scripture, that marriage is a holy commitment made between a man and woman to each other before God.  And we believe that the Creator has given DNA and anatomy as the only identifiers of gender.  But the Equality Act does not protect this belief or the freedom of this belief. 

Christians who adhere to Biblical teachings aren’t bigots, haters, homophobes, or cruel people.  Some of us just want some things to be left up to choice and not be made to feel like we must be tolerant to the beliefs of others when others don’t meet us with that same tolerance.  And we just simply believe that we have the right to say, "No," to certain things.  Just because Christians or those who practice other religions in America don’t believe the way a certain group of people do, it does not justify denying First Amendment rights to those groups of people.  And that’s what the Equality Act will ultimately do—it will cut off avenues of appeal for any penalties imposed under the act. 

If I choose to see a plastic surgeon for a nose job that my insurance won’t cover, I have to accept that and be willing to pay out of pocket.  And I have to do this without my insurance company being made to feel like they will be criminally punished for refusing coverage.  So, why do we have to subject healthcare providers, churches, small business owners, insurance companies, etc. to punitive action for their refusal of gender transition therapies or operations when this is clearly defined as a choice?  Without the ability to appeal for certain rights, the Equality Act would put Christians, or those who aren’t Christian and just don’t agree, in a very difficult position.  Now, faith-based hospitals and insurers could be forced to violate their faith convictions by being required to offer certain services.  And we’re saying this is fair?  Faith-based adoption agencies could be forced to disregard their doctrinal principles.  We run the risk of increased bullying, harassment, and embarrassment in facility dressing rooms, bathrooms, and showers.  None of which should be forced upon anyone. 

Leaders in all capacities should have at least a modicum of concern for more than just one group of people.  The concern should be with society as a whole.  And certain areas of interest should be left up to individuals to decide.  It should not be decided for them.  Our country is increasingly placing more consideration on a group of people who, without certain accommodations sought, can still live the life they desire.  Just as there are people who will not accommodate certain requests that we choose to pursue, there are those who will.  And this is a shared commonality amongst society as a whole. 

I'm not petitioning that everyone be a follower of Christ because I know that this is not reality.  I'm not suggesting that everyone hold to the belief that God created male and female, heterosexual beings who should engage in attraction and marital relations with each other as the opposite sex, although it would be ideal for me as a believer.  All I'm saying is that we be pragmatic and see how things of this nature only serve to revoke the rights of some who are being forced to accommodate a luxury of others.  At this juncture, I truly believe that by getting too deeply involved in matters such as this, the desire to unify a broken, fractured nation only serves to expediently divide, dismantle and cripple a system that was never meant to remain standing, as is, anyhow. And this is why believers, now more than ever, should ramp up our efforts to seek out as many lost souls as possible and bring them to Christ. 

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